Wednesday, 16 December 2015


This calendar should come with a warning note! Because a very sleepy me, unaware of the light sensor this calendar contains, was frightened half to death when a box at the other side of her bedroom began to spontaneously sing a rather random version of the '12 days of Christmas'! 

I have to interject by admitting a weakness and that is my insane impatience that caused me to open this calendar on the twelve days leading up to Christmas instead of the twelve days after like you are meant to but I just couldn't help myself.  

Inside this calendar is not only twelve different miniature (and I mean miniature) versions of some of Benefit's best loved beauty products, but there is also a light sensor which means that in the morning, when your calender is sat innocently on your shelf, open and ready for the first door to be ripped off ,  the glow of any light triggers a rather painful adaptation of the '12 days of Christmas' to start playing, a huge shock to the system at 6:30 in the morning. Something I can only assume that after twelve days will drive you bloody mad! But I could cope with the cheesy music, I mean it is Christmas after all, but I do feel somewhat disappointed by the size and choice of products this calendar has to offer.
Admittedly the packaging is something though that I can not fault, bright bold and fun; perfect for the holiday season but not too Christmas-sy making it equally perfect for when going into the new year.

A fun option for marking the twelve days of Christmas and a perfect present for any Benefit lovers and despite the slightly stingy sizes something to look forward to opening each morning, but not the best beauty calendar I've had my hands on.