Thursday, 5 January 2017


Recently I've been inspired not only to reach for my Canon AE-1, a rather old and rusty 35mm film camera, but to begin sharing my rediscovered love for film photography on here, my rather neglected blog. There is a beautifully unique and unusual characteristic to film photography that just can't be found from using a digital camera and I find the whole process much more enjoyable and find it to be one that tests both my creative and technical abilities as a photographer.

A recent weekend spent with family meant me using my rather reluctant little sister and an extremely fidgety dog as my model which resulted in many images of grumpy faces, rolled eyes and out of focus dirty dog beards. But despite their imperfections, overall every image did successfully capture the feeling of the weekend which I suppose was their only intention. I've soon learnt that excepting the unreliability and imperfectness of amateur film photography is the best and quickest way to enjoy it.

I shot using Kodak Colorplus, a relatively inexpensive film but one of good quality though overall, including the cost of developing, I soon discovered film photography isn't the cheapest of hobbies. I found the film to be very flattering yet honest in terms of tone and colour and the fine grain which, considering the affordability, I found very impressive. I had all three rolls of film that I shot developed at Jessops which was a reasonably quick and affordable surface but I did find there to be a couple of issues in regards to the quality of the printed images. But despite the expense and unreliability of the process to me it is entirely worth it and it is something I plan on continuing to experiment with and share on here with you in the future.

Monday, 22 February 2016


Betsey Johnson SS16 at New York Fashion Week
More than ever the approaching new season explores and promotes individuality and experimentation in terms of  fashion and designs. Colours, shapes, textures and pattern  all exude a particular creativity completely unique to Spring/Summer16. Last years love of 70's inspired florals and this year's surreal modernism and love of sparkle has given us a season completely shaped by throwbacks and a longing nostalgia of past eras. 

From crazy pleated shoulder pads, sequin covered dresses and bright, geometric knitwear there is a clear 80's influence as well as prairie sweetness from the girlish florals and suede tassels working as this season's nod to the 70's. And lets not forget the denim grunge and whimsical slogans of the 90's as well as the 60's inspired A-line shapes and cute Co-ords.

With all this love for the throwback I have to say my heart lies with the bold and clashing colours of the 80's. With an emphasis on the strong and vibrant primary colours, a touch of neon and some Memphis inspired accessories this trend is crazy and bold and has become a tribute to the era in itself. The 80's inspiration is clear and designers are showcasing their love through their unique designs. Christopher Kane presented the fashion world with a tribute to the era with designs dedicated to the bold clashing colours, garish messy knits and plastic details whilst designers such as Burberry incorporated the era more subtly with fur lined capes and block colours. Neon bursts and acid tones where seen in the designs of Jonathon Saunders, where his florescent designs were a real throwback to the era and even high-street shops such as Topshop created cocktail attire with masculine tailoring as tribute to the era of the yuppies. Admittedly these designers also incorporate softer colours and more feminine fabrics, textures and patterns that have a more relaxed, 70's feel but this difference in new season designs, if anything, prove a combination of all eras creates the perfect personal style that is as unique and fun as the season it's self.

Our love of past eras is weaved (quite literally) within the designs and clothing of the new season.  So it's time to raid your parent's wardrobes and attics because the chances are that those hilarious knits, over-sized denim and the band t-shirts of  singers you've never heard of are this season's ultimate style must haves! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Fade by Chloe Rhodes |  The first Edition of the creative experiment that is my magazine fade. A magazine that focuses on young a talented individuals. The beautiful cover girl? That's the stunning Isabella, a young actress, dancer and model. She talks all about her first film and stage appearances as well the difficulties faced when working in such a competitive industry. Most of my favorite photos from the shoot made their way into the magazine and those who didn't are sure to make their way onto here in the future. Here's the preview, just a taster of what to expect.

When this creative plan came into action it was a strange and daunting thought and in all honesty if anything it was mainly for me, and the people helping me to create it. Working with a group of creative and talented people is always such fun and it was great to have an opportunity to exploit my creative side. But people showed some interest, which I couldn't believe, so here it is available to everyone.  

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


This calendar should come with a warning note! Because a very sleepy me, unaware of the light sensor this calendar contains, was frightened half to death when a box at the other side of her bedroom began to spontaneously sing a rather random version of the '12 days of Christmas'! 

I have to interject by admitting a weakness and that is my insane impatience that caused me to open this calendar on the twelve days leading up to Christmas instead of the twelve days after like you are meant to but I just couldn't help myself.  

Inside this calendar is not only twelve different miniature (and I mean miniature) versions of some of Benefit's best loved beauty products, but there is also a light sensor which means that in the morning, when your calender is sat innocently on your shelf, open and ready for the first door to be ripped off ,  the glow of any light triggers a rather painful adaptation of the '12 days of Christmas' to start playing, a huge shock to the system at 6:30 in the morning. Something I can only assume that after twelve days will drive you bloody mad! But I could cope with the cheesy music, I mean it is Christmas after all, but I do feel somewhat disappointed by the size and choice of products this calendar has to offer.
Admittedly the packaging is something though that I can not fault, bright bold and fun; perfect for the holiday season but not too Christmas-sy making it equally perfect for when going into the new year.

A fun option for marking the twelve days of Christmas and a perfect present for any Benefit lovers and despite the slightly stingy sizes something to look forward to opening each morning, but not the best beauty calendar I've had my hands on.